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About Us


Founders and Senior Pastors,
Wanka and Joy Mogale, Gkcc

Making Your Vision a Reality

Apostle Agonkitsi ‘Wanka’ Mogale is the Head pastor of Grace Kingdom Community Centre; With over 30 years experience in ministry, he is passionate about soul winning and family development with his main mission being "raising a people who will establish the kingdom of God in all spheres of life." He has a reach that spans the whole world, including Nigeria, Australia and North America amongst many. He is well versed in radio and television ministry, appearing at platforms such as Radio Pulpit and Soweto TV amongst others. He is highly passionate about the word of God and graced to reach countless people through its power. He is also best known for his God given ability to dissect the word of God to everyone, breaking down complicated teachings into subjects one can easily apply, while introducing familiar concepts and delving deep into the word of God to find new revelations. Apostle Wanka believes that teaching the word will be more accessible and thus more easily understandable; so that scripture isn’t just words you read but tools and guidelines that can permeate your everyday life


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